The Jungle Beat Translation Project - Part 1:
- Friends and Enemies -

EN: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
JP: ドンキーコングジャングルビート

The Story!

Conquer each land and become the Monkey King of Kings!

Jungle, South Sea, Volcano's Bottom, Above the Clouds.

Defeat the Animal Kings that reign in each kingdom!

When you're stuck, ask the Jungle Brothers for help!

If something blocks your way, push your way past by force!

The Cast!

Donkey Kong = ドンキーコング Image Link
Monkey = キッキ (Kikki, lit. "Kikki) (with Helper (Gold Bushes), Checkpoint (Blue Bushes), and Party (Green Bushes) variants) - Image 1 - Image 2

Hoofer = モーシン (Mūshin) - Image Link
Flurl = ムッサー (Mussā) - Image Link
Orco = シャッチー (Shatchī) - Image Link
Helibird = ヘリバード - Image Link

Fairy = 妖精 (Yousei, lit. "Fairy") (with Combo Fairy variants)
'Space Dragons' = ドラゴンスロート (Doragonsuroto, lit. "Dragon Slot") {Proposed: Dragon Slot} - Image Link 1 - Image Link 2
The Squids that drop bananas = バナナイカ (Bananaika, lit: "Banana Squid") {Proposed: Banana Squid} - Image Link
The Birds that drops bananas = ???? {Proposed: Banana Budgie} - Image Link

First enemy page
黒ブタポッキー = Kuro Butapokkī (lit. "black Butapokkī", "buta" is from 豚 (buta), meaning "pig") {Proposed: Black Hawglet} - Image Link
白ブタポッキー = Shiro Butapokkī (lit. "white Butapokkī") {Proposed: White Hawglet} - Image Link
ひるねブタポッポ = Hirune Butapoppo (lit. "nap/napping Butapoppo") {Proposed: Snooze Hawg} - Image Link
ブタポッポ = Butapoppo (Official: Gale Hawg) - Image Link
キバブタポッポ = Kiba Butapoppo (lit. "fang Butapoppo") {Proposed: Rode Hawg} - Image Link
ファイアブタポッポ = Fire Butapoppo {Proposed: Flame Hawg} - Image Link
カリカリ = Karikari (onomatopoeia for scratching) {Proposed: Scratcha} - Image Link
カミカミ = Kamikami (onomatopoeia for chewing) {Proposed: Gnasha} - Image Link
ミニーガ = Minīga {Proposed: MiniGhast} - Image Link
ファイアミニーガ = Fire Minīga {Proposed: Spicey MiniGhast} - Image Link
アイスミニーガ = Ice Minīga {Proposed: Icey MiniGhast} - Image Link
プチガエル = Puchigaeru (from 蛙 (kaeru), meaning "frog") {Proposed: Croaky} - Image Link
ユキモグラ = Yukimogura (lit. "snow mole") {Proposed: Snole} - Image Link
カメオン = Kameon (Official: Iguanagon) - Image Link

Second enemy page
ハッチー = Hatchī (from 蜂 (hachi), meaning "bee") (Official: Bumblebuzz) - Image Link
ハッチーフ = Hatchīfu (the 'fu' is a play on チーフ being the katakana spelling of "chief") {Proposed: Bumbleboss} - Image Link
コブコッコ = Kobukokko {Proposed: Cob Cock} - Image Link
コブコッコ (怒り) = Kobukokko (Ikari) ("Ikari" means "angry") {Proposed: Cob Cock (Angry)}
スティンガ = Stinger {Proposed: Stinga} - Image Link
アーマードスティンガ = Armored Stinger {Proposed: Armored Stinga} - Image Link
ココピー = Kokopī (from "coconut"?) {Proposed: Coco-Hog} - Image Link
バッキー = Bakkī {Proposed: Bucky} - Image Link
ファイアバッキー = Fire Bakkī {Proposed: Fire Bucky} - Image Link
アイスバッキー = Ice Bakkī {Proposed: Ice Bucky} - Image Link
シーバッキー = Sea Bakkī {Proposed: Sea Bucky} - Image Link
ゴールモンド = Gōrumondo {Proposed: Goal Mondo} - Image Link
スノーマン = Snowman ("Snowman") {Proposed: Banana Snowman} - Image Link
ハリボンボン = Haribonbon (from ハリセンボン (Harisenbon), meaning "porcupine fish") {Proposed: Puffftup} - Image Link
ビリメーラ = Birimēra (pun on ビリビリ (Biribiri), which is slang for buzzing or an electric shock, and メラメラ (Meramera) which is slang for burning) {Proposed: Jellybuzz} - Image Link
プチメーラ = Puchimēra (small version of Birimēra) {Proposed: Jellyburn} - Image Link
バードマン = Birdman (Official: Chopperbird) - Image Link
ダンスパイーダ = Danspider (pun on "dance" and "spider") {Proposed: Spidancer} - Image Link

Third enemy page
コロガエル = Korogaeru (from "koro" meaning "roll" and "kaeru" meaning "frog") {Proposed: Croaquet} - Image Link
ブラッドパイン = Bloodpine (if not "Bradpine") {Proposed: Pineapple Grenade} - Image Link
タールマン = Tarman {Proposed: Tarman} - Image Link
黒妖精 = Kuro Yōsei (lit. "black fairies") {Proposed: Black Fairy} - Image Link
黒妖精アタッカー = Kuro Yōsei Attacker (lit. "black fairies Attacker") {Proposed: Black Fairy Attacker} - Image Link
シャオシャオ = Shao-Shao {Proposed: Pan-Pan} - Image Link
タールフィッシュ = Tarfish {Proposed: Tarfish} - Image Link
スロウバード = Throwbird {Proposed: Throw Roc} - Image Link
スロウバード (ブラウン) = Throwbird (Brown) {Proposed: Throw Roc (Brown)} - Image Link
ゴールドバード = Goldbird {Proposed: Gold Roc} - Image Link
ニンザル = Ninzaru (pun on "ninja" and 猿 (saru) meaning "ape") (Official: Ninjape) - Image Link
マメゾウ = Mamezō (pun on 豆 (mame) meaning "bean" and 象 (zō) meaning "elephant". "Mame" is sometimes used to refer to small things.) {Proposed: Mini Tusk} - Image Link
ベッコー = Bekkō (from べっ甲 (bekkō), meaning "tortoise shell) {Proposed: The Tortoise Shell Trio} - Image Link
ドレッドコング = Dread Kong (Official: Dread Kong) - Image Link
コンフーコング = Kung-Fu Kong (Official: Karate Kong) - Image Link
ブシドーコング = Bushidō Kong (Official: Ninja Kong) - Image Link
ヒャッカンコング = Hyakkan Kong ("hyakkan" means, roughly, "half a ton", referring to the common "thousand pound gorilla" joke.) (Official: Sumo Kong) - Image Link

Fourth enemy page
スランプバード = Slump Bird (Official: Scruff Roc) - Image Link
ハッスルバード = Hustle Bird (Official: Fleet Roc) - Image Link
ナックルバード = Knuckle Bird (Official: Hard Roc) - Image Link
ストライクバード = Strike Bird (Official: Thunder Roc) - Image Link
ゴロピー = Goropī (Official: Rogue-Hog) - Image Link
モロピー = Moropī (Official: Mo-Hog) - Image Link
ドロピー = Doropī (Official: Bloat-Hog) - Image Link
ゲルピー = Gerupī (Official: Gloat-Hog) - Image Link
イウゾウ = Iuzō (Official: Turret Tusk) - Image Link
キクゾウ = Kikuzō (Official: Grave Tusk) - Image Link
エンゾウ = Enzō (Official: Torch Tusk) - Image Link
ジンゾウ&カンゾウ = Jinzō & Kanzō (Official: Double Tusk) - Image Link
ファイナルブタポッポ = Final Butapoppo {Proposed: Cactus/Ghastly Hawg} - Image Link
ファイナルコング (覇王) = Final Kong (Haō) ("Haō" means "supreme king" or "high king") (Official: Cactus/Ghastly King) - Image Link 1 - Image Link 2

New Play Control! Enemies
??? = ??? {Proposed: Spark} - Image Link