So, since it's taking me forever to do one giant smash post, I'm going to break it up by game.

Super Smash Bros. (1999)

The game that launched a thousand angry fan-match-ups and floated a series that causes us all to lose our collective shit every half decade or so.

Surprisingly lite on the Arcade Era content. Or not so surprisingly, I guess, given that it came out during the height of the Rare era. There are some gems in here however.

The most obvious shoutout is The Hammer.

Based off the OG Powerup of Donkey Kong, it functions damn near identically, causing the player character to swing the hammer repeatedly while the iconic hammer music blares through the speakers.

Next up is Mario & Luigi's alternate colors.

Mario's brown color has been confirmed by Nintendo to be a reference to Foreman Spike of Wrecking Crew, and he also sports his original arcade colors and his green/orange Wrecking Crew attire.

Luigi's alternates are his in-game Mario Bros colors, his colors cabinet art Mario Bros colors, and, like his brother, his Wrecking Crew attire.

Special bonus mention of DK's second palette, which resembles the DK'94 Super Gameboy coloration of Donkey Kong Sr of Black Fur and Bright Red Tie.

Next up is the Target Tests.

While the battle stage to rep the DK franchise is based off of DKC, his Target Test is filled with familiar red girders.

As is Mario's! Nice surprise, that.

Luigi's is modeled more off of arcade Mario Bros aesthetics . They seem to be have going with a "game of origin" theme with the Target Tests in this game.

The original Smash Bros also had a mode called "Board the Platforms" that I had completely forgotten about until researching this. God, it's been forever since I played Smash 64.

Anyway, again, they went with a "game of origin" theming for these.



and Donkey Kong's:

And that, my friends, about wraps up the Smash 64 portion of the Smash entry. Longer than I thought it was going to be.