According to Mario wiki: "Microgames are short minigames first appearing in Mario Artist: Polygon Studio and later in the WarioWare series. In the WarioWare series, each WarioWare, Inc. developer typically has a different style or control type of microgame."

Naturally, a fair few of these draw inspiration from the games of yore, including our beloved Arcade Era stuff! So, hang on, there's a ton of these. Fair warning, I may miss a few.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (GBA) and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! (GCN)

This is the first title of the series, and lays down the basics of the formula.

In the Donkey Kong microgame, you control Mario and just jump over a number of barrels corresponding to the difficulty setting.

There's also an Ice Climber game, where you try to grab onto the Condor.

WarioWare: Twisted! (GBA)

This game had a built in gyroscope, and most of the microgames centered on tilting the system to produce varying effects. Nintendo had toyed around with gyro-in-cart before on the GBC, but really made uyse of it well here. They basically do the legwork for new tech for all the other companies to come pillage in later console generations. There's a lot more EAE (Expanded Arcade Era) games in this release than the prior ones.

There's the Mario Bros microgame where you need to flip the Shellcreeper back over before the brothers Mario vicuosly murder it.

There's the Wrecking Crew microgame where you spin around from a top-down perspective bopping oncoming Eggplant Men.

There's the Donkey Kong Jr. game where you play as Junior, avoiding enemies and freeing your Papa.

This title's Ice Climber game requires you to tilt left or right to bop oncoming enemies of various size and speeds.

The Donkey Kong 3 game sees Stanley bug spraying Donkey Kong Sr to get him to retreat enough that he gets his head stuck in the beehive.

WarioWare: Touched! (NDS)

This was the first title on the DS, and made use of the mic and touch screen the system provided.

8-Bit Hero is a strange little game where you have to point out the different pixels between the two screens, being treated to a scene of the game the enlarged sprite is from. It's of interest to us because it features Ice Climber sprites on harder difficulties.

The Donkey Kong 3 game deprives Stanley of his bug sprayer and instead relies on the power of your mighty lungs to drive Donkey Kong upwards to his doom.

WarioWare: D.I.Y. & WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase (DSi)

The next DS title, this game featured, in addition to a host of premade games, a microgame builder and game sharing system of some sort that I never really got a chance to explore due to college taking up 200% of my time.

Among the premade games was an Ice Climber game, you make Popo jump to destroy the ceiling about his head and grab the eggplant.

There's also a Greenhouse game, in which the player moves Stanley around the greenhouse to defend his flowers.

DK 3 features, as always, Stanley driving Donkey Kong up into the beehive.

Donkey Kong changes things up a little from the usual formula by requiring the player to tap on barrels to destroy them, as Mario can't be arsed to jump over them this time around.

Wreck. Crew (what is it with them truncating the names in this one?) has the player tapping on things to destroy them as Mario is apparently on a break and took his hammer with him.

Finally, Mario Bros has Mario jumping to defeat enemies from beneath.


I think that's everything. Please let me know if I missed anything.