Donkey Kong Arcade (for Intellivision)

So while trying to track down a solid "release date" for D2K, I came across some interesting stuff regarding the Intellivision port of the game (yes, someone made an Intellivision port, more on that in a bit). The site claimed that it was the "Official Sequel" to Donkey Kong Arcade on Intellivision, which seemed a bold claim, and one I intended to follow up on. As it turns out, "Donkey Kong Arcade" is itself a D2Kish enhancement of the original Donkey Kong for Intellivision, made by Coleco back in 1982. The original is a bit shit, and many suspect this was intentional, as Coleco was working on their own "Super" Donkey Kong port for Colecovision at the time, alongside their "Super" Donkey Kong Jr, which I covered in the Mods and Hacks post, though Nintendo ultimately nixed the extra features and Coleco put out simple ports on their home console.

Anyway, about the Intellivision stuff.

The original 1982 release, is, as I said, a bit shit.

Decades later, a lone programmer (Carl Mueller Jr.) took it upon himself to make a more accurate port of the game for the Intellivision in the form of Donkey Kong Arcade, and added some enhancements of his own.

In addition to improving the graphics and making DK look kind of nightmare inducing yet cool, there are two additional characters, Toni and Bruno. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, one of them can jump with the hammer out!

Shortly after the release of DK Arcade, he began work on a version of D2K, D2K Arcade. It has its own interesting takes on the new D2K levels, and an extra one thrown in for good measure, for a total of 9 levels, alongside the previous DK Arcade enhancements, like Toni and Bruno. It actually features more content than the arcade version it's based on!

Like D2K's arcade release, both DK Arcade and D2K can be purchased legally(?) to play on a home Intellivision platform, making them sort of weird semi-official releases in the grand scheme of the Expanded Arcade Era of Donkey Kong games.

HERE is a link to Carl Meuller Jr.'s site, where you can read up on both of those titles, find purchasing information, and read up on his progress on his DK Jr Arcade project, though he hasn't updated his blog in somewhile.